The Cabal

This World was once whole. Many years ago the world possessed but one continent. Mighty, grand, races unified for the good of all. All was well. But then the dragons came. No one is certain from where, maybe not even the dragons themselves. But when they came they set about on a rampage. All seemed lost, until five great heroes emerged. These heroes fought back the dragons, slaying them all with a zeal never seen before. Then they fought a grand and horrendous battle against the ancient leaders of dragon kind. The battle was long, the moon circled twice around the planet before the final death knell was dealt to the dragons. Two of the adventurers were killed in the summoning of a powerful spell from deep within the planet, a spell that would totally obliterate the hated dragons once and for all.

But at what cost?

The world shattered, the great continent broke and the site of this battle was cast far from its brethren and became a cold, dark place. With the world shattered, so were the races, wars broke out, empires were staked, and lost. Soon an uneasy truce was formed between the races. Yet relationships were still strained, it seemed no one could trust anyone else. But, all the people thought, at least the world is rid of the accursed dragons.

Yes, I believe we can all see what is coming next.

The Cabal

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