The Cabal

The Beginning

Let's see how this turns out

Everyone knows about the threads of fate. The small strands of time that each represent a single person’s life. These strands are usually separate, scattered, frayed. But every so often by one of the random quirks of the universe several strands can coalesce. Intertwining those persons lives inexplicably together.

" Yes, I believe that this will do. "

It was a cool and breezy day as the caravan lazily rolled along the dirt road. This caravan was in no rush. The people inside of them content to slowly watch the Godric Plain go past them. After all, why waste a perfect day such as this by hurrying? Even the animals themselves were content. Content to simply sleep, savoring the bliss of this wonderful day. Yes it seemed the very world along with all its inhabitants was absolutely, perfectly, extraordinarily, content.

All but Four.



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