Young, unexperienced, elf, cleric.


Abandoned to a church of Pelor he grew up being the only elf in a world full of humans, he grew up with the teachings of Pelor ingrained into his mind. However as he grew, he became unsatisfied with the churches always praying, but never going into the world to fight the evil they so reviled. So when he was 25 he left the temple with the clergy’s blessing – they even gifted him with his equipment to help him with his quest to fight for Pelor’s ideals. Emboldened by the excitement of his new quest, he boards a caravan to his first destination, Harbor.

His personality is that of what one would expect of an out-of-place elf – that is to say, awkward. His morals are strong and he is firmly rooted in them, but often to the point of alienating others. His social prowess is low, as is often reminded to him by his party mates when interrogating people. However, he is never brought down by this or anything else, and continues to extend his faith in goodness, no matter the situation.


The Cabal Melior