Merchant of Vishnu



Little is known of Varen’s life before he came to Vishnu. Some say he was a simple peasant other people hint at something more sinister. Whatever the case, through a combination of hard work and incredible luck Varen rose to the top of the highly competitive merchants of Vishnu. And he stayed at the top as the other merchants around him began to drop like flies. However, Varen managed to keep ahead at whatever or whoever was killing off merchants and eventually the killings stopped. Varen was now the only large-scale merchant left in the entire city of Vishnu. His trading empire now stretches from Vishnu to even places such as Winter’s Point. So far he seems to be doing well for himself. Well enough for him to hire several bodyguards to be at his person at all times.

PC Background

Varen had hired the PCs to take care of a little problem involving some kobolds in one of his trade routes. He would await their return just outside of the caves, along with his complement of guards. However the PCs managed to take Varen by surprise, Bob managed to kill Varen with a single eyebite and then Vincent managed to deal the final blow to his brain who was trying to escape from the horror that was once its body.

Current Status



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