The capital city of the Gale Empire, where the wise and old king Godric rules with a comforting fist. His capital is one of the largest, with a quarter of a million people inhabiting it. Surprisingly it is the homebase of The Resistance and fights between them and The Cabal are frequent but generally limited to the Old District of the city.

The Districts of Harbor

Harbor is divided into eight districts

-Noble District, Where most of the upper class and King Godric himself reside

-Yellow District, The middle class district, specializing in artistry

-Red District, The upper middle class district, specializing in weapons and armor

-Honor District, The entertainment district, the main attraction being the arena

-Blue District, The lower middle class district, specializing in raw materials

-Green District, The poor district, the largest and most dangerous of all districts

-Market District, The center district, where most of the goods are traded

-Old District, The unused district, abandoned years ago

-Dock District, Where all water-based trade and production is done


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